Saturday, April 4, 2009

Detail functions of the Datum peg

Question -1
What is a Datum peg?
This is a peg fixed at the corner of a site in which all the levels at the site are taken.
Question -2
What are materials used for the datum peg?
The Pegs are made of timber or reinforced iron rods casted at base with concrete to avoid dislodgement or interference of movement of people.
This peg shall remain an removed for any further extension of the site and maintenance.
Question -3
How shall you take the levels from the datum peg?
By the use of the line level, together with the line fixed to the datum peg to run to the other side or corner of the site and checking the line level (reading the spirit level) to find the level of the site.
Question -4
Why do you need the site to be level?
For building construction purposes,all construction sites need to be level in order to set up a stable ground and avoid soil erosion and also bring a level base for the building foundation to commence.

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